How well do you know Rachel?

What can I say about Rachel? She is a weirdo who masquerades as a normal person at times. If you have chosen to keep her as a friend, you will most likely do well on this quiz. Some of these answers are self-explanatory. Some are not.

How well do you know Rachel? Take this quiz and find out...and please remember, it's my 11th week on maternity leave...I get bored sometimes. Don't judge.

Created by: Rachel
  1. Where was Rachel born?
  2. What actor did Rachel cover her walls with pictures of in high school?
  3. Which one of these places did Rachel create her biggest embarassing moment/regret?
  4. Which of these places has Rachel been to?
  5. Easy Question...where did Rachel go to college?
  6. What was Rachel's favorite subject in school?
  7. Which of the following finishes this statement correctly?...."Growing up, Rachel had....
  8. Which of these are true? Rachel has...
  9. Which one of these does Rachel hate?
  10. What is Rachel's favorite color to wear?
  11. Who does Rachel think is the cutest child on the planet?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Rachel?