How well do you know Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon Platinum is one of the best video games ever made. It's got cool Pokemon and even cooler legendaries! If you've played the game, you might want to take this quiz.

Do you think you know Pokemon Platinum? This quiz has some pretty basic questions. If you think you're a Pokemon Platinum master, test your knowledge with this quick, ten question test. Good luck!

Created by: Fallout3

  1. Where do you get your bike?
  2. What Pokemon is in the egg that Cynthia gives you in Eterna City?
  3. Who do you talk to outside of the Veilstone City Gym?
  4. Team Galactic used what to catch Dialga and Palkia?
  5. When you leave the Distortion World, where are you?
  6. To reach Snowpoint City, you have to go through part of Mt.
  7. What building is right outside of Victory Road?
  8. After beating the champion, you have to do what to get to the Fight Area?
  9. Who can you get a Riolu egg from at Iron Island?
  10. What is just south of Solaceon Town?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pokemon Platinum?