How well do you know pokemon?

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This is a quiz about Pokemon, think you know something about these pocket monsters? Try not to search the answers! Only you know if you are being honest.

The Quiz gets harder as it goes along and will get very tricky by the end! Good luck! qweqweqweqweqweqweqweqwweqweqwweqweqweqweqweqweqweqeqweqweqwewew

Created by: John Doe

  1. What was the first pokemon ever designed? (not the first added, the first designed
  2. What was the 3rd fire type starter pokemon?
  3. When was the first Pocket Monsters originally released in Japan?
  4. What Pokemon (non mega) has the highest stat total?
  5. Which Pokemons (including mega) have the highest stat total? (tie)
  6. What color is Shiny Mega Gengar?
  7. How many pokemon start with W?
  8. What 2 baby pokemon are purely psychic type?
  9. What Pokemon line is uniquely flying type?
  10. The main Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl is Palkia, what type is Palkia?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pokemon?