How Well Do You Know Percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson is the series that made me love reading. I have re-read the series several times so it is stuck in my brain. I know all about Percy Jackson.

Do YOU know all about it? To check how about you take my quiz. A few of MY questions are the ones with knowledge about things in the books you would usually forget about. Let us see if you can remember!

Created by: TurtleWorm

  1. Who is Percy Jackson's father?
  2. Which three gods do Percy and Annabeth meet in the Labyrinth?
  3. What does Blackjack call Percy?
  4. What is the name of Poseidon's wife?
  5. Who are Medusa's sisters?
  6. Who are the demigod twins of Dionysus?
  7. What is the name of Daedalus's nephew?
  8. What is the magical item of Hades?
  9. Who is the head of the Demeter cabin?
  10. In which book did Percy go to Triple G Ranch?
  11. What is the nickname Thalia Grace gave Percy Jackson?

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