How well do you know Panic! At The Disco?

Panic! at the Disco. A band formed in 2004, they are focused on being a tight knit group that creates music for the ears to devour. The fandom enjoys making fanfictions, defending them in the YouTube comment section, and just overall loving their favorite band. They are a band who will not be soon forgotten.

Do you think that you have what it takes to complete this test? It is not horribly difficult, so there is a very good chance of you getting a good score. I wish you the best of luck. On you go!

Created by: WolfLove
  1. We'll start off easy by completing some lyrics. I don't wanna hear about your __________, Sometimes, you're better off _______.
  2. How about some more lyrics? But, but I'm ______ that I, Well, I may have ______ it
  3. Final lyrics question. Oh! Well in fact, Well I'll _____ at it this way, I mean __________ our marriage is saved.
  4. When and where was Brendon Urie born?
  5. Which of these band members joined in 2010 as a bass guitarist?
  6. Which two have been in the band since it formed?
  7. When and where was Spencer Smith born?
  8. Who is the oldest current member of Panic! at the Disco?
  9. All of these songs are performed by Panic! at the Disco but one. Which one is it?
  10. All of these songs weren't performed by Panic! at the Disco, except for one. Which one is it?
  11. What label are the signed to?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Panic! At The Disco?