How well do you know OPC?

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Outlander Pattern Central is no ordinary Facebook group! We never assume our rules are the same as everybody else's. We read and understand the group description and help keep our boards organized and clean.

Are you an upstanding OPC member? If a newbie had a question, would you be able to answer that question? Take this quiz to find out your proficiency in OPC rules and etiquette.

Created by: Kristie of Outlander Pattern Central
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  1. What does OPC stand for?
  2. What is in our files? (The files tab is at the top just below the banner)
  3. Ok. We've collected patterns. What are they patterns for?
  4. Our patterns are all for...
  5. Our Outlander Pattern Central group is for discussing:
  6. What's this Stitchenachs group about?
  7. If you decide you do not like one of the admins, it is okay to block them.
  8. We are allowed to post or comment with our online store's information.
  9. I'd love to share a pattern, but I paid for it. Can I still share it?
  10. If we want to have a local group meeting, we can make an event and plan one.
  11. A drama llama is:
  12. We have a store where we can purchase tote bags and t-shirts with our logo?????
  13. I wish I knew how to knit. :( I only crochet.
  14. I wish I could crochet borders on my knitted projects, but it looks so hard.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know OPC?