How well do you know oasis?

Do you know your oasis? Can you tell your Zak from your chris? Are you truly an oasis genius? We'll test you r knowledge on the best Brit band to have ever lived. Do you really think your an oasis genius?

No cheating. You only have a few questions to see if hype can impress me on this quiz. If you get over 50%, your not stupid if you get over 75% you are my friend. If you get under 50% you need to look up oasis. If you get under 30% you are really stupid. See how you do.

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  1. Who was the last oasis drummer?
  2. What guitar does gem archer famously use?
  3. What guitar did Noel use for acquiesce live at wembley in 2000?
  4. What instrument did guigsy play
  5. How many members did the band have in 2002?
  6. Who had the pink paisley fender made in japan telecaster?
  7. What flag did Noel's Epiphone sheraton ltd edition guitar have on it?
  8. What colour was Noel's Flying V guitar in the d'you know what I mean video
  9. Who picked the small man up after he fell onto the road in the little by little video?
  10. What bass did andy play in the early naughties

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Quiz topic: How well do I know oasis?