How well do you know Nord?

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Nord is not really a widely known character, but at the end of the quiz, you'll find out what movie he is from. So. Here's the quiz, which you can take

Which will inform you how much knowledge you have about Nord. Cool? So please enjoy this unique quiz and plz plz comment if you don't mind. . . . . . .

Created by: Hi ugly

  1. Ok, do you know who Nord is?
  2. Which three movies is Nord known best for?
  3. What is nords natural hair colour?
  4. Who plays as "The Nord"?
  5. Is the guy who plays Nord still alive?
  6. In his movie, which of these is Nord?
  7. Has the guy who plays as Nord ever been in Doctor who?
  8. Does Nord drink Vodka?
  9. What color are nords eyes?
  10. Would Nord be a good baby sitter?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nord?