How well do you know Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat?

Sam and Cat is one of those shows that has a mean one, a ditzy one, a curly-haired one and an old one. It's fabulously amazing, really. Well.....not the butter sock......but everything else!

This is a quiz that'll test your Sam and Cat knowledge from fried chicken to pink shoes. Everything. Except the name of the babysitting service. Cuz that's WAY too long. Good Luck! Jessie-D x

Created by: Jessie-D

  1. Why did Sam pretend that she had 'twinfection'?
  2. Kim changed her math score on her test because...
  3. What was the show that came on just before Sam and Cat's commercial called?
  4. Who is Gwen and Ruby in real life?
  5. Cat promised to make Sam meatballs if she...
  6. This is my hardest question ever......just before we saw the girl fly off her bike and her pink shoe (that Cat was addicted to) fell off, we were watching 'American Pipers'. What were the pipers called?
  7. In the episode 'Secret Safe' Sam lost her butt scratcher. She found it but who used it?
  8. Which episode did Butler Torso appear in?
  9. What do people like about Dice?
  10. I DON'T have a crush on Dice!! Ok, last question.....what is Cat's fave food?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat?