How Well Do You Know My Friends?

Hello and welcome to my quiz! This is going to seem random, stupid, silly, pointless, funny, insane, worthless, whatever else you may add. So if you want a quiz on something of substance TURN BACK NOW!!!

Ok, now that they're gone here is my quiz. I got bored so I decided to put this together because I don't want to fall asleep. It's not that great but I hope you will enjoy it and not give it low ratings. Thank you and continue on to the questions!

Created by: Starla

  1. What is the code name for my friend's crush?
  2. True or False Am I the oldest of my friends? And how old am I?
  3. Who is the youngest? (These are their code names)
  4. What my favorite band? (Something my friends could easily answer)
  5. What kind of band are we forming?
  6. Who's the bass guitarist?
  7. What's my best friend's favorite song?
  8. What are my favorite colors?
  9. What is my best friend's favorite color?
  10. What rocks better; purple or orange?
  11. Sorry if this seemed like a big waste of time but you decided to take it.
  12. Well goodbye thanks for taking!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know My Friends?