How well do you know My babysitters a vampire???

This quiz shows me what a great fan you are of the show "My Babysitters a Vampire" so keep working on your facts and you can be an expert on this quiz or you might already be one on this quiz!

Are YOU a My Babysitters a Vampire fan? Do you have the TV time to get your brain working on the hottest girl/guy? Well this quiz answers all your questions!

Created by: Rhianna446123
  1. Who are the four vampires in the show?
  2. How did all the vampires become vampires??
  3. Who is Jesse
  4. Who is sarah
  5. Who is Erica?
  6. Who is Ethan
  7. Who is Benny?
  8. Who is Rory?
  9. How well did you think you did on this quiz??
  10. Did you like this quiz??
  11. Thanks bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My babysitters a vampire???