how well do you know modern family

there are many modern family likers there are some modern family lovers but only some are true modern family fans take this quiz to find out how much you know about modern family.

do you have what it takes to be called a fan of modern family do you have what it takes to be called the triva king/queen take this quiz to find out.

Created by: jillian
  1. how many seasons are there
  2. how many main characters are their
  3. what is the name of the episode where you first see cam in his clown outift
  4. what season and what episode is Connection Lost
  5. how many halloween episods are there
  6. it is said that cam is born on a leap day so what age is he and how many leap years have been in his life
  7. In the episode "Chirp", Phil tries to find the smoke detector(s) that is/are running low on batteries. Where was/were the smoke detector(s)?
  8. who is the youngest dunphy
  9. what does mitchell do for a living
  10. true or false phil is a trained massage therapist
  11. what is the name of jays dog
  12. what is cams last name
  13. One episode involved Mitchell and Claire revisiting their childhood home in order to take a photo. They end up being trapped where?
  14. Where is Gloria originally from?
  15. In Season 3, what does Manny have to sell door-to-door for a school fundraiser?
  16. Where did Alex finally have her first kiss?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know modern family