How well do you know Mike?

How well do you think you know Mike? Only those worthy of Mike's grace shall past the test! Mike has placed this challenge before you. Come and try your mettle.

This quiz will test your true knowledge of Mike. Are you an ignorant peasant or the Encyclopedia Mikeanika... And yea, it does exist, Mike wrote it (in his brain) and it will totally change your view of the world.

Created by: Mike

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  1. When is Mike's birthday?
  2. What is Mike's favorite color?
  3. What color does Mike often wear?
  4. What artist(s) does Mike listen to when he feels down?
  5. What is Mike's favorite alcohol of choice?
  6. How would Mike show his love for you?
  7. What is Mike bringing back?
  8. What is Mike's worst weakness?
  9. Out of the following, what does Mike dislike the most?
  10. What would Mike say if you asked him who he was?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mike?