How Well Do You Know Mew Mew Power?

There Are A Few Select People That Know Enough About Mew Mew Power To Brag. What's Bragging? It's when you get to tell everyone that you are a Mew Mew Genius! Have A Go!

Do you have what it takes to be able to go through the streets and brag? About Mew Mew Power! Well? Do You? You don't know?! Well take this quiz to find out?! Please Rate And Comment!

Created by: SasukeLover1000
  1. What Are Names Of The Five Mew Mews? *lets start off easy*
  2. Are There Any Other Heroes Besides The Mews? *Sasuke's my hero*
  3. What Was The First Word That We Saw Wesley Say? *little harder now*
  4. Who Is Zoey With The First Time You See Her? *c'mon this is easy*
  5. Who Is Zoey's Love Interest? *mines Sasuke*
  6. Does She Have Any Others? *love interests I mean*
  7. What Does Zoey Do, In The First Episode, That Makes Elliot Exclaim? *ohh!*
  8. What Is Corina's Mew Mark? *nothing to say here^.^*
  9. What Is Corina's Brother's Name? *he-is-hot!*
  10. What Is Bridget's Main Habit? *mines biting my nails*
  11. Who Does Bridget Love? *a cutey*
  12. What Does Kikki Do? *KOWIA!*
  13. Does Kikki Have Any Siblings? *I do*
  14. Who Idolises Renee? *not me*
  15. When Do We Meet Renne's Family? *sigh*
  16. How Many Good Main Guys Are There? *they're al hunks*
  17. Which Guy Do We See First? *hmmmmm*
  18. How Many Main Evil Guys Are There? *spoooky*
  19. What Is The First Thing That Gets Turned Into A Predisite? *ahhhhh*
  20. Which Of These Is Correct? *we'll end easy*

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mew Mew Power?