how well do you know me 2.0

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are you good enough to figure out what the answers are and/or do you remember all this time and will get 100% well let us see if you have what it takes to get 100% on my quiz but go check me out on the forums and please rate and/or comment we really appreciate it but you don't have to

shout out to Dream, cry, Kait,Kleine and Jeeshan ok back to thanking you for picking this quiz ok guys and girls you have no idea how much i appreciate you picking this quiz just think out of all of those quizes out there and you picked mine a million times thank you i just can't fathom how much it meens to me for you take my quiz ok have a great time squids and kids

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

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  1. how old am i
  2. is life bad for me
  3. what's my real name
  4. who are my main friends(sorry if your names not here)
  5. what project am i scared to talk about
  6. what thingz am i
  7. what is my nickname for crystal aka percie
  8. do i have a dog
  9. am i "the haone" or "the one"
  10. bai

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me 2.0