How well do you know me?

Well i was bored when i decided to create this quiz...but i thought what the heck someone will probably take it....well it's basically just questions about me...and if you don't know the answers then you're probably not a very good friend...either that or you don't listen to my long rambles about mindless stuff...

If you think you really know me then take this quiz and see if you know what i am talking about...yes some of these questions are stupid...but if you know me you know i'm a really weird person and like saying random i'll stop delaying you and let you take the quiz now...

Created by: Vivian
  1. What is my middle name
  2. What is my dogs name?
  3. Who am i in the cereal krew?
  4. Where do i kick it at?
  5. In what month is my birthday?
  6. Who do i live with?
  7. How do i get to school?
  8. who do i share my birthday with?
  9. what grade did i skip?
  10. what do i want to study?
  11. Who is my best friend ever?
  12. In myspace i have my top...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?