How Well Do You Know Me??

Are you bored? I know I am! I created this quiz for the bored quiz-users who want to guess and hope they are right! Pretty pathetic, I know, but still!

I am awesome. Not to brag. But do you know that? Test your know-people skills and see if you really know me! If you are a friend, you better! But strangers are welcome also! (Just to let you know I'm TomboyKat)

Created by: TomboyKat

  1. Okay. I don't even know all you people, but here goes this random test. Where do I live?
  2. What is my fav color?
  3. What sort of guy am I attracted to?
  4. I own a dog. (She is so cute!) What is her name and her breed?
  5. Which one of these quizzes did I create? (Hint: Before TomboyKat I was Kat)
  6. Am I considered a tomboy, average, or a girly girl?
  7. Which series do I like better?
  8. What are my top 3 animals?
  9. What's my REAL name???
  10. What is my chosen weapon? (hehehe)
  11. Try to guess my intelligence. (You'll never guess!)
  12. Finally-Which one of these quizzes have I created?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me??