How well do you know me?

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So I'm back *when did I ever leave?* any, I'm back with a "How well do you know me quiz" cause I've seen a lot of users do this and most of it sucks. Yeah it does.

Mine probably sucks just as bad as yours. But "any hoe" take this quiz and see how well you know me. This quiz sucks d---,*really?* no not really. Just take it!!

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. What's my full name?
  2. What color is my hair currently?
  3. How old am I?
  4. What car would I like to drive one day?
  5. What starsign as I?
  6. What genre do I listen to ?
  7. My favorite word
  8. How many kids would I want to have one day?
  9. What's my favorite letter?
  10. What primary school was my favorite?
  11. My favorite animal
  12. My favorite cartoon
  13. Favorite tv series
  14. What languages do I speak besides english?
  15. Last Question:When I see someone fall. What's my most common reaction.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?