how well do you know me

there are some people that know me but do you really know me like what my favorite colour is so do you lets find out who my stalkers or good friends are so enter if you dare if your one of these people hello list below

list:Katie persie(is that how its spelled) Dream Of Night. people i have talked to:Pure_Darkness,ICEE CHILL,Blaze(once),CM punkie so if your listed thanks for taking my test and hope you get more then 30%

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

  1. am i male or female
  2. what colour are my eyes and hair
  3. how old am I
  4. current family
  5. favorite colour
  6. do i have a girlfriend
  7. do i have a girlfriend
  8. am i a n00b
  9. i have a sad backstory true are false
  10. will you rate comment and i forgot the other one oh yeah or will you get 0%

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me