How Well Do You Know Me

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i know very many people spread almost everywhere, so come see how much you know me though a series of questions, some are easy and the others hard. so dive on in to my grear quiz and see how much you know me!

do you know me? this quiz will answer that question very soon if you decide to take it. so are you ready to see how much tou know me? if so dive on in to my great quiz!

Created by: Katie Lalonde 37

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  1. whats my name?
  2. what do i want my name to be?
  3. whats my favorite animal?
  4. whats my favourite colour?
  5. where do i live?
  6. whats is my pet?
  7. am i rich?
  8. my hair colour?
  9. eye colour?
  10. skin tone/colour
  11. am i awesome?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me