How well do you know me?

To create this quiz I have to write a two paragraph description of it. I think that it's pretty gay that I have to do this but I spent so much time on my awesome quiz that I don't want to erase it! So you really should go take it! Leave me comments & messages letting me know why & if you enjoyed it! Hope you do!

This a waste of time. I have nothing else to say about my quiz. It's about me, what I like, don't like, friends and family members, etc....This quiz is friggin awesome so you must go take it immediately! haha Sorry to sound bossy but I had to write two paragraghs about it & the word immediately is a long word. They had to be 100 characters a piece! Have a great day & leave me messages about it!

Created by: Donielle
  1. What is my favorite season?
  2. What is my dream car?
  3. What is my favorite color?
  4. What is my favorite romance movie of all time?
  5. If I wasn't going to school for Speech Comm. what would I want to do?
  6. What's my favorite holiday?
  7. How many nieces & nephews do I have total/
  8. What my middle name?
  9. What is my cats name?
  10. What is my boyfriends middle name?
  11. What's my favorite tv drama?
  12. What's my favorite Soap Opera?
  13. What color do I wear most of?
  14. How many cell phones have I owned total?
  15. Where is my fave place to shop
  16. What's my favorite food?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?