how much of a slave to the farm are you?

they told me i had to write a description of my quiz. i dont know what to write. and kinda dont have very much time to write because i am doing this at work. hahah. enjoy. its funny.

MAN and you have to write a paragraph 2 for a description. i will just copy some words. MAN they wont let me. once again. "it must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters". they are so hardcore.

Created by: Caitlin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. arties nose is...
  2. maintenance at hammy farm is used soley for:
  3. theres a bridge between what two holes on the highlands?
  4. mr. cerullo would please like a cup of fresh
  5. mr. solimine would please like his...
  6. you've worked there for too long if..
  7. mr and mrs. flynn met
  8. contrary to popular belief Ryan T's most beloved past time at the farm was
  9. the best bartender ever is..
  10. i kinda just want to be done with this quiz. thought i could make like 10 questions. but its making me to all 40.
  11. OH yeah. they are letting me stop making questions.

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Quiz topic: How much of a slave to the farm am I?