How Well Do You Know Me

I wanted to make a fun quiz for my NEW friends to get to know me, old friends to brush up, and people who would like to get to know me and become friends.

Are you ready to see who I am? Find out about me... and what makes me tick? Until now you could only wonder. BIT thats to this great quiz... in a few minutes you will learn about me!

Created by: vanessa
  1. How Long Have Brian and I ben together Tottal?
  2. What are my Favorite Colors?
  3. when was Olivia Born?
  4. When was I born?
  5. How Old is mu Husband?
  6. what is my Maiden Name?
  7. What Flowers do i LOVE??
  8. If I could choose a new car what one do you think I would choose?
  9. What Hobbies do you think I do... I have more than one :O)....
  10. If my husband got relocated through his job.. and had a to choose where do you think we would choose?
  11. What Kind of work do I do?
  12. I use to work for Dayton Community Blood Center... what was my Title?
  13. What Holiday is my famorite of all time?
  14. When did Brian and I get married?
  15. If I could go on a vacation and leave today where do you think I would go?
  16. I have siblings ... how many do i have?

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