How well do ya know me now?!?!

Okay, so there are many people we come into contact with everyday. But only a few we truly get to know and interact with. I often wonder where I stand with people. Are we friends? Just acquaintances? Do ya like me at all?

Sometimes it's the weird, quirky things that make friends friends. It's the little things that make a lot of difference in a friendship. So, take my quiz. See how well you know me. Have fun!!

Created by: Molly
  1. What is my newest favorite drink?
  2. What is my newest kitty's name?
  3. How many kids do I watch (on a regular basis)?
  4. This one is especially for Leah- Just how much can a snowman dance?
  5. How many animals make up my current menagerie?
  6. What is the best (or at least my favorite) kids' snack?
  7. Where am I going this summer?
  8. Who recently puked on my myspace page?
  9. What phrase do I use ten thousand times a day?
  10. Which of these is NOT a favorite restaurant of mine?
  11. What is my new favorite song?
  12. What is my favorite card game?
  13. Which sport do I NOT play/do?
  14. What do I make almost every week for Katie and Crystal when they come for lunch?
  15. What do I do most Saturday nights?

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