How well do you know me?

There are many people who think they know me, but do you really know me? Some think i am intersting others do not, take the quiz and figure out whether I am or not.

I spend alot of time talking about useless s---, most of which was included in this quiz, now we will get to see if you actually paid attention to any of my useless s---.

Created by: Tim

  1. How Old am I
  2. What branch did I serve in?
  3. How many Siblings do I have
  4. How many offspring do I have
  5. Who is my favorite football team
  6. What is my favorite sport to watch
  7. How Many states have I lived in
  8. What do I drink
  9. what changed my life for the good
  10. What is my favorite Music
  11. What child am I
  12. What do I do for a living
  13. What will be the hardest for me to do.
  14. How do I relieve stress
  15. What was the hardest part of 2006
  16. Where would I like to live permanatly
  17. What have I had on every vehicle I have owned
  18. Do I have tatoos

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?