how well do you know me?

here are a lot of people who know me, and there are a lot of people that THINK they know me. So lets find out who really knows this TOP NOTCH GLAMOUR CHICK and who just fakes like they know me. If you pass this quiz then send me a message and let me know. But if you fail then sorry for you. All I can say iz, you should stop being fake and get real and try to get to know me a little bit more playaz! Holla back

So did you pass? probably didn't! If you failed then it's a X at da top right corner of da page, try clickin it. If you passed(higher than a 50) then let me know so i can see how well you did! Don't try to fake it either, just to get cool with me because they do send me the results...much love and luck to you!

Created by: banjo
  1. Whats my fave color?
  2. How many sisters do i have?
  3. What's my fave singer
  4. Who is my fave nascar driver?
  5. . Whats my fave football team?
  6. What is my favorite COLLEGE football Team?
  7. What is my favorite baseball team?
  8. fave race track
  9. fave race
  10. fave Xfinity Series driver
  11. what's my fave movie

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?