How cajun are you

Ok lets see If you can get the 100%. Well i will give you a hint very few people will be able to get the 100% you will probably have to know me to get them all right, So here we go Yeh so I hope you have some fun.

Are you considered a genius? Do you think you know everything hu? well we will see how much you know i dare you to get a 100 and then send me a message saying that you did and i will be happy.

Created by: number3

  1. For brekfast have you ever eaten any of these products?
  2. Have you ever had one of these as a pet?
  3. Out of the next awnsers pick the one you would most want to do.
  4. Pick the one you would most want to do.
  5. Would you sleep with Jarod?
  6. Do you know who made this quiz?
  7. Have you noticed the past two or three questions have had nothing to do with being cajun.
  8. Do you get anoied when people use messageing terms like (lol,lmao,brb,a$$hole)
  9. Yeh i don't know what to write anymore but um just click what i tell you to
  10. Did you like the show waterboy

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Quiz topic: How cajun am I