How well do you know mamals?

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You want to know how well you know mamals well you clicked on the correct quiz. In this quiz there will be some questions and you have to pick the correct answer.

If you wont get a high score or pass the quiz dont panic or be upset its nothing you can always try again and maybe its not your thing. Maybe check your answers if your not happy with your score.

Created by: By: Lilly Puffins

  1. Do all mamals have hair?
  2. Are all mamals carnivals?
  3. Do mamals lay eggs?
  4. Do all mamals have 4 legs?
  5. Do mamals fly?
  6. Do mamals eat other mamals?
  7. Are all mamals big like elephants?
  8. Do all mamals have tails
  9. all mamals are warm blooded?
  10. Is a fish a mamal

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mamals?