How well do you know Malory Towers?

Try my quiz please! It is amazing glorious fans!!!!!!!! It is such fun! Take Malory Towers as an inspiration, a series of wonderful books you are sure to enjoy. If you have read books 1-6 and enjoyed them, take this quiz!

Malory Towers is an amazing school. How much do you know about it? Test your brains in this exciting, fun wonderful dazzling brilliant awesome ultimate quiz!❤️❤️

Created by: Isabel
  1. Welcome to Malory Towers! In book 1, who does Darrel say goodbye to when she is already in the car?
  2. What spiteful thing does Gwendoline do to Mary Lou next after she ducked her in the pool?
  3. In book 2, which girl has short, cropped, scraggy and scruffy black hair and a merry smile?
  4. In book 2 what was Mary Lou doing before she fell down the cliff top?
  5. In book 3, who tells Zerelda she will never be a successful actress?
  6. In book 3 what is Bill's brother George's horse called?
  7. In book 4 who supplies the food for the midnight feast?
  8. Also in book 4, why does Connie tell Ruth to muck up her exam paper?
  9. In book 5, when the fifth form do a pantomime, who designs and makes the costumes?
  10. Also in book 5, who writes the spiteful messages to Moira?
  11. In book 6, who pushes fat little Josephine into the water?
  12. Last question, what is the name of the college Darrell, Alicia and Sally are going to once they have finished Malory Towers? Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Malory Towers?