how well do you know loonatics unleashed

Loonatics unleashe is a cartoon series with 6 descendants of looney tunes charcters get super powers after a meteor hit acmetropolis.Try this test to see how much you know about this cartoon.

If you haven't seen the series then you need to watch it to answer these 10 questions and if you had try and see if you are as dumb as Duck or as smart as Tech.

Created by: Ramballie

  1. In episode 1, what did duck name himself after calling himself Super Duper duck?
  2. Rev Runner's speed allows him to go fast. What else can it make him do?
  3. What is Slam Tasmanian's profession?
  4. What was Duck's new power when he faced the evil dolphins?
  5. Who stole the loonatics powers?
  6. Who tricked Ace into gving him the Guardian Strke Sword?
  7. Who is Tweety's descendant
  8. Whose main power is sonic hearing?
  9. Tech used to attend
  10. Who are Rev's parents?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know loonatics unleashed