How Well Do You Know Liv&Maddie

There Are Many Liv And Maddie Fans.But are you a true fan?Well Once you take this test you'll find out.Please No Cheating!! Just guess if ypur npt sure,Im trusting you!

Are You A true Fan?Can You Be Considered a #1 fan?But now there is this test that will tell you in just a little bit(once you finish the quiz) Thank You.

Created by: Katy

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  1. Who does Dove Cameron play as in the show?
  2. When Was Dove Cameron born?
  3. Whats the names of Liv and Maddies Brothers?
  4. Whats The Names Of Liv and Maddies Mom?
  5. What is the name of Liv and Maddies dad?
  6. What Job Does Liv and Maddies Mom Does at their school?
  7. What Job Does Liv And Maddies Dad have at the school?
  8. What Character Would You Describe Yourself(1 of 6 answers are correct!!!)
  9. Is this Dove Camerons Frst time On Disney Channel Tv Shows
  10. What Was Dove Camerons Hometown?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Liv&Maddie