How Well Do You Know Ldshadowlady?

Do you know Ldshadowlady? Can you get 100%? Take this ULTIMATE quiz and see if you are a true Shadow Cadet. Do research. Read books. Or simply watch her videos

I'm only a kid so I probably got most answers wrong anyway. But it's nice to have a go! Don't be afraid, have a good try! You're always a good person.

Created by: Olivia Williams

  1. What colour is her hair?
  2. Who is her boyfriend?
  3. What is her cat's name?
  4. What did she name after subscribers in Shadowcraft?
  5. What is her favorite colour?
  6. Is she a YouTuber?
  7. Where was her first job?
  8. Who of these has she played with?
  9. How old is she?
  10. IS SHE AWESOME???!!!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Ldshadowlady?