How well do you know Khleo Thomas (Do Not Cheat)?

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How well do you Khleo Thomas? Do you know his real name? Is he famous? Find out by taking this quiz. I honestly don't care if you rate/comment or not.

I know I might seem a little stuck-up on this quiz, but i'm not, trust me. We actually don't know who him unless we are actually friends with Khleo Thomas or know him personally.

Created by: Jewel

  1. What is Khleo Thomas's Latest Song?
  2. What is Khleo Thomas's vine name?
  3. Is Khleo Thomas Single?
  4. Which One Of These Is His Oldest Songs?
  5. What Is Khleo's Real Name?
  6. What Is Khleo Thomas's Siblings Names?
  7. What does Khleo call himself at times?
  8. What hairstyle did Khleo have in 2004?
  9. How Old Is Khleo Right Now?
  10. Which one of these movies did Khleo play in?
  11. Finish The Lyrics 1: Khleo What?
  12. Finish The Lyrics 2: I've been watching you.....
  13. What role did Khleo play in the movie Roll Bounce?
  14. Finish The Lyrics 3: Hands On Your Knees, Rotation
  15. Finish The Quote: If they don't know you personally,
  16. What is the name of Khleo Thomas's clothing brand?
  17. What kind of hair does Khleo like on a girl?
  18. FINAL QUESTION: D.I.G. What's that spell?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Khleo Thomas (Do Not Cheat)?