How well do you know Katy Perry?

Please take my quiz!!! If you don't like it then sorry I tried my best!!! And if you did then you're awesome lol bye and thanks peace!!! Bye peace Out girl scout lol

Thanks for taking my quiz please take all my other quizzes!!!!! Bye I don't know what else to Write soooooo I'll write weird things lol omg I'm so bored

Created by: ICONiac16
  1. Which song does Katy perry NOT sing?
  2. Do you know who she is?
  3. What comes after this... I wanna see your _________!
  4. Talk about the ________ like we had a clue!
  5. Is she married
  6. Who sings California Girls with her?
  7. These won't count
  8. Will you rate
  9. Will you comment
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Katy Perry?