How well do you know Katy Perry?

We all have a fave pop star but the most common is Katy Perry. Everyone says they know everything about her. But do they???????? We are all curious to know

Do you know everything or a sloppy fan, your results real impact on whether you are a massive fan of hers or not! Sure we know she gets lots of $$$$$ but what about her personal life, things not everyone knows!

Created by: Bianca

  1. What is her real name?
  2. What's her favourite skittle flavour?
  3. How many siblings does she have?
  4. Who designs her costumes for concerts?
  5. What is her latest album release?
  6. What religion is she?
  7. What's her natural hair colour?
  8. How many men has she dated?
  9. Is this quiz epic
  10. I know I am wasting questions, chose answer 3 for another correct

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Katy Perry?