How well do you know Jo?

I was just wondering if you would not mind to take this short quiz about me! Yeap it is quite fun actually, both creating and taking it :) Therefore, you HAVE to take it alright? I spent quite some time thinking up these questions. Hope it is good *fingers crossed*

Anyway, you may think you know me, just because we attend the same church or the same school. But are you sure? This is your chance to take this quiz and find out, how much reaally do you know me? Have fun!

Created by: Joanne

  1. What is my favourite colours?
  2. Where am I currently residing at now?
  3. Which class was I in last year at CHS? *Hint:Form four*
  4. Which of these are one of my pets and its name?
  5. When is my birthday?
  6. What is my ideal dream wedding setting? Note:It may not be possible but it is a dream after all :)
  7. Who are my siblings? (full names)
  8. What boys name do I fancy?
  9. How heavy do I weigh? (Weight as in the last time i weighed myself the night before I left for Australia)
  10. What is my shoe size? (Bata size)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jo?