how well do you know itsfunneh

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this quiz is about a youtuber who is named itsfunneh she has siblings and they record videos everyday and i love there videos and if you wanna subscribe to funneh her channel is itsfunneh

if you dont like itsfunneh then i suggest you dont do this quiz but its a really good quiz and if you love itsfunneh then try this out i hope everyone how plays my quiz enjoys it

Created by: Tori

  1. where does funneh live?
  2. who is not part of the krew
  3. what is the weather like where funneh lives
  4. how many krew members are there
  5. how many subscribers does funneh have
  6. what is funnehs favourite colour
  7. what is funnehs brothers real name
  8. what colour is not liked in the krew
  9. how many dogs does funneh have
  10. who is a candy lover in the krew

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Quiz topic: How well do I know itsfunneh