How well do you know inside out?

This is my inside out quiz this is a full movie quiz there are questions about pretty much the hole movie I really hope you like my inside out quiz I really enjoyed making it.

How much do you like inside out? Do you have the knowledge to win do you love inside out ? Well if you do hear is a quiz to see how Much you know about it.

Created by: Ava morrice

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  1. What is the girl called?
  2. What is Riley's favrite sport?
  3. What colour is bing bong?
  4. How many emotions does Riley have?
  5. What colour is fear?
  6. Does Riley's mum have glasses?
  7. What is above angers head when he is angry?
  8. How old is Riley?
  9. What animal did joy and sadness pretend to be to wake Riley up?
  10. Why was Riley worried

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Quiz topic: How well do I know inside out?