How well do you know House of night?

The world of House of night is a fascinating and amazing one, full of love and compassion, and it describes the very meaning of being a teenager in a fun and thrilling new way.

Are YOU a die hard? Or just a fan? Or do you not know this series at all? Find out with this quiz, the ultimate way to explore your knowledge of HoN. Good luck.

Created by: BBAlover1
  1. What does zoey refer to kissing Heath as?
  2. Who is the only other person (Besides Zoey and Kayla) In the hall after Zoey is Chosen?
  3. What car does zoey have?
  4. Who is Neferet?
  5. Who is Zoey's boyfriend in Marked?
  6. Who becomes Zoey's best friend after Stevie Rae dies and.. undies?
  7. Who are 'The Twins'?
  8. Which bull represents evil?
  9. What is Neferet known as after she resurrects Kaloana?
  10. Who does Stevie Rae fall in love with?
  11. Who is Zoey's soul mate?
  12. Who was Zoey in a past life?
  13. Last Question. How much do you lurve HoN? (No affect)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know House of night?