Do you really know the House of Night series?

Hello friend, did you read the HoN (House of Night)? Are you addicted to them? Do you consider yourself an HoN genius? Do you think you know all about it? Are you a true fan? Have you read the books till the last?

Or are you still unknown to these awsome books? If yes, then do try to read them as soon as possible. But if you read these, so, how much do you think you're going to score? 40%? 52%? 90%? Or a full 100%? Well, the only way to know is to answer the questions below! Go on!

Created by: Nicolette
  1. First off, who wrote the HoN (House of Night) series?
  2. Who is Zoey's soulmate?
  3. Who among the following was killed?
  4. Who was the first one to complete the change among the following?
  5. Among the following, who does Zoey first imprints with?
  6. With whom does Stevie Rae first imprints?
  7. Who was Nyx's warrior?
  8. Who was Queen Sgiach's warrior?
  9. What is the name of the last book of this series?
  10. Who was Aphrodite's mentor?
  11. What was the colour of Zoey's cat?
  12. Who takes Erin's place later?
  13. What was Shaylin's title?
  14. What was Zoey's age when she was marked?
  15. What was the name of Zoey's first father?
  16. When is Zoey's birthday?
  17. What is Shaylin's affinity?
  18. Lastly, who sacrifies himself to bring back Zoey's soul from the other world?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know the House of Night series?