Do you know the house of night

I just made this quiz up to see how many people who have read the house of night series. I have actually on a few occasions exchanged messages on the web with P.C. Cast

You should really read it though because it in a way describes the hardships that we have to go through just in a more fantasy-like and extreme sense.

Created by: Phoenix Night

  1. In Marked who is Zoey's roommate?
  2. Who is the guy Zoey sees with Aphrodite at her first night there?
  3. Who is Kalona?
  4. What does Zoey call soda?
  5. Who is Zoey's human consort
  6. Neferet is ....
  7. In which book does Jack die?
  8. The High Vampyre Council consists of how many people?
  9. Stark is...
  10. Zoey's affinity is

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Quiz topic: Do I know the house of night