How well do you know horses?

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There are many horse crazy people out there. But are you really as horse crazy as you think? This quiz will help you find that awnser. And who knows if you think your not horse crazy, maybe you just might be.

Are YOU horse crazy? Are you a genius on horses? Or are you just a person who likes horses but isn't crazy about them. Find out if your horse crazy with this quiz. And if you truly know everything about horses.

Created by: StarCats

  1. What is a farrier?
  2. What is a bit?
  3. What is a posting trot?
  4. What is a horses life span?
  5. What position do horses sleep in?
  6. What is the evolution of horses in order, from the early horse to the modern horse?
  7. Where are a horses withers located?
  8. How many bones does a horse have in there skeleton?
  9. What is a female horse called?
  10. What is a male foal called?
  11. Are horses warm-blooded?
  12. Can horses vomit?

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