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I quiz is about horse land horse land and if you don't know what horse land is it's a series where there is loads of characters and horses and all sorts of fun stuff I love watching it I hope you do too it's great!

Are you are crazy horse land fan like me? I love it so much I watch it every day do you too? Thank you so much for taking part I really appreciate it. Do you have the brainpower to solve my quiz? I'm just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Carys
  1. Who is Chloe's horse?
  2. In the episode " fire fire burning bright " who causes the Fire?
  3. What is the dog called?
  4. Is Angora the cat nice?
  5. Does tenie the pig like mud?
  6. Are Chloe and Zoey rich?
  7. How does Sarah get to horsesland?
  8. When Sarah arrives at horse land what does Alma,bailey, Molly do?
  9. Does a princess visit Horseland?
  10. Who does Sarah meet in France?
  11. How many episodes does horseland have?

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