Do you know horses?

There are many people who say they are horse crazy horse people but some don't know a saddle from a bridal!!!!! Are you one of these people ??????????

Can you get all the questions correct and prove you're a horse genius?????? Can you prove you're title of a crazy horse woman/man (not in a bad way lol )

Created by: cassie8974
  1. why do horses get a winter coat.
  2. what is the correct order of letters in a arena?
  3. Which insect can pass the West Nile virus to horses?
  4. what breed has a dished face?
  5. What breed of horse is unsuitable to ride?
  6. What is the ideal bedding to use in a foaling stall to prevent infections in the foal?
  7. What is it called when you ride a horse without a saddle?
  8. What type of equipment would you use to clean out your horses hooves?
  9. What material are saddles traditionally made of?
  10. What is usually the maximum weight a horse should carry?
  11. What's fleabitten?

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Quiz topic: Do I know horses?