How well do you know Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni?

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How much do you know about Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni? Ever wanted to take it to the max and test your knoledge?! well, here's your chance! by taking this quiz, and succeding, you will be entering Hinamizawa, and becomeing a true Hinamizawa resident!

Answer each question to your fullest! double check if you are unsure. Also, this quiz may give out some spoilers, so if you have not finished all three series, please, be aware of all of the spoilers you are about to see!:D Welcome, to Hinamizawa!

Created by: Shion
  1. whats the original name of Hinamizawa?
  2. Who does Shion Sonozaki love?
  3. What date repeats over and over in this anime?
  4. Who is the next in line to be the head of the Sonozaki household?
  5. Where does Shion Sonozaki work?
  6. how many nails did Shion tear off at episode 17 of the first season?
  7. Is Satoshi Hojo Dead or Alive?
  8. Who does Keiichi kill with Satoshi's bat at his house?
  9. Who's uncle does Keiichi kill?
  10. What is the name of Satoshi and Satako's uncle?
  11. What level of Hinamizawa syndrome does Keiichi get up to while in the phone booth, talking to Ooishi on the phone?
  12. Keiichi hallucinated that the marker Mion was holding was....
  13. Wantanagashi or Cotton Drifting means.......
  14. Rika uses what animal when talking to Keiichi about the people who broke into the Shrine?
  15. Rika went to Mions house to get more...
  16. How does Rika escape Shion?
  17. "Say hello to Satoshi!" Who does Shion say this to, and what does she do after saying this?
  18. Who is "Oyashiro-sama"?
  19. Why does Rena kill her dads girlfriend, Rina?
  20. Who lead the series of murders in the second season?
  21. What weapon does Shion carry around?
  22. What weapon does Rena carry around?
  23. What happens to Keiichi that is different in the anime then the manga?
  24. What happens when Rena swallows the red magatama?
  25. Rena obsesses over things that are....
  26. What item is Mion seen walking around town with almost all the time?
  27. Who breaks into the sacred Furude Shrine?
  28. Who did Keiichi give the doll to?
  29. When torturing Keiichi, who does Mion(Shion) Say he should've given the doll to?
  30. Did you know, that Shion, is accually Mion! They were mixed up before Mion(who WAS Shion)was marked on her back with the symbole of a demon. Shion, who was pretending to be Mion, was mistaken, and given the demon seal/tatoo to signify her as the head of the Sonozaki household!
  31. This fact will is presented slightly two TIPS since the "Shion" we know refers to herself as Mion and views her sister as Shion. So, who is the real Mion?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni?