How well do you know Harry Potter

This quiz is based off J.K Rowling's book series. Do you think you have what it takes to get a 100? It might be a bit challenging, but I'm sure you can get it.

Are YOU a Harry Potter fan? The Sorcerer's Stone has quite a few questions. Others may only have one. Try to not use the books to answer. There may be spoilers in some parts.

Created by: Hermione

  1. Let's start easy: How many Sickles to a Galleon?
  2. How many Knuts to a Sickle?
  3. How many Knuts to a Galleon?
  4. What is the first word (of the story) in the Sorcerer's Stone?
  5. The last word of the Sorcerer's Stone is?
  6. How many pages is The Sorcerer's Stone?
  7. You might belong to gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart...
  8. How do you spell...
  9. Who opens the Chamber of Secrets?
  10. Who won Witch Weekly's most charming smile 5 times?
  11. Rita is a writer that writes for the _________ and can transform into a _________.
  12. Who gets Sirius's mirror?
  13. Which twin dies?
  14. When Ms.Lastrange is fighting Ginny, Hermione, and Luna who kills her?
  15. I'll give you a break with an easy one: the wand movement for the levitating spell is...

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