How well do you know GREEK MYTHOLOGY?

Greek mythology could be ending.The greeks have died out.So we need to find out if people are any good at Greek Mythology.And I got my idea. It was brilliant!

Are you a greek genius?Or are you a person with no greek knowlege?Try this overly diffiult Greek Quiz!You will know in a few minutes if you are the most knowlegable Greek Genius or a Greek Idiot.

Created by: leah

  1. Who is the Furies's mother?
  2. What is the god of sleep!
  3. Khione is the goddess of what?
  4. Where were Artemis and Apollo born?
  5. Who is the god/goddess of birth?
  6. How does Artimis look like?
  7. What is Zeus's favorite food?
  8. What is the animal of Hera?
  9. You have the son of Zeus,the son of Hades and the son of Posiedon.Who is the most powerful?
  10. Who is the man who turned into a grasshopper?
  11. Which man can understand animals?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know GREEK MYTHOLOGY?