how well do you know gravity falls

Ther are meny people that are Gravity Falls fans. What is Gravity Falls? Well Gravity Falls is a show with funny,smart,and cute too. There are also evil ones and bad ones too.

Are you a Gravity Falls fan? Do you have the show all stuck in your head? Do you remember all the episodes and the new ones too? In just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: iloveme101
  1. How old is mable and dipper?
  2. Who was mable's first kiss?
  3. Who took dippers body in sock opra?
  4. What other language does Soos speake?
  5. Is mable going to disappear in one of the episodes?
  6. Is dipper going to find out the password to the computer?
  7. Who plays stan pines?
  8. Who is the funniest in the show?
  9. Who is the smartest?
  10. Who is the writer of the book?
  11. "Bonus question" Who is my favorite character of gravity falls?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know gravity falls