How well do you know good luck charlie

Some might like good look charlie some might hate g.l.c.!But it doesnt matter like Tv isnt most inportant!You shouldnt watch to much!Turn of the tv and.....

Read a book,draw a picture,Talk to friends on the phone,Cook with mom,Play sport with dad,Eat some healthy snacks or play with bbrother or sister!Lots more

Created by: cats

  1. Who's charlie?
  2. The sister does a something for her sister.What is her name and what does she do?
  3. What job does the dad have?
  4. Whats the next doors ladies name?
  5. What is the moms name
  6. What is the babies name
  7. What is the bands name?
  8. Whats the brothers names?
  9. How many kids are in the family?
  10. What is the dads name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know good luck charlie