How Well Do You Know "Gilmore Girls"?

Do you watch Gilmore girls? If you do then you should definitely take this quiz! There are easy questions and hard questions and in the end it will tell you if you are a expert on Gilmore girls!

Are you a true fan of Gilmore girls or are you just taking this test to see how good you can score without even ever watching the show? The results will tell you!

Created by: Maya
  1. What is the correct order of Rory's boyfriends?
  2. Who is Rory's Boyfriend in Season 7?
  3. How many seasons are there?
  4. When Dean kissed Rory, what did she accidentally steal from doose's?
  5. Which one of Rory's boyfriends proposed to her?
  6. In what season dos Dean cheat on Lindsey with Rory?
  7. What is Jess's moms name?
  8. In what season do Emily and Richard temporarily split?
  9. What is the order of Lorelei's boyfriends?
  10. What is Paris's last name?
  11. Last question: Who do you think my favorite one of Rory's boyfriends is?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "Gilmore Girls"?